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Friday, 7 August 2009

Faroe Islands Stamps: Postverk Føroya is now called Posta

Today Postverk Føroya starts using its new graphic identity. At the same time, Postverk Føroya changes its name to Posta. This change confirms the process of change from a public institution to a commercial service enterprise by a new name and a new appearance.

The last three years have seen us in a process which has been hard at times but necessary. The public institution has become a public limited company so we need to take account of the changing market demands. The downturn in letter mail has led to falling incomes and it has been necessary to carry out radical changes. We have still not reached the end of the road, but the identity change is a milestone along the way.

Posta is a modern company, constantly adapting to the market’s changing demands – something beyond the power of the old Postverk Føroya identity. That is why, a year ago, we embarked on a change process which among other things entailed a new name for our business.

An active name
We quickly realised that the new name had to contain the word “Post”. Many names were on the table, but one immediately imposed itself, namely Posta. In Faroese the word Posta can be both a noun and an imperative, making it particularly useful for different linguistic contexts.

“Posting a letter” in Faroese is at posta eitt bræv, while “Post the letter!” is posta brævið. And when advertising for internet trading we can even say: Nú dugir Amazon eisini at Posta, which translates as, “So now Amazon can do the posting”.

In addition, product names are easily formed, such as
• Posta Heima, our new homes service
• Posta Sjálv, our post-it-yourself machines
• Posta Pengar, our giro bank.

Rethinking our business
However, the change process goes much deeper than just a new name and a new graphic identity. We have rethought our entire organisational structure, all our business procedures and our other business activities. All these have now been adjusted to market demands.

With these things in mind, we have also conducted a values process in which we have reviewed and re-interpreted the company’s values.

The result is that we have prioritised the values virðing, víðskygni and vilji – our three V’s – which can be translated as “respect, innovation and willpower”.

We show respect
For Posta respect defines our attitude to all customers, business partners and colleagues, while we also respect our company and the tasks it performs.
We show our respect by being reliable and fair in our behaviour and above all by respecting the needs of our customers.

We think innovatively
Innovation for Posta means that we are a company which is open to new opportunities which can benefit our customers and the services we provide. Innovation means looking beyond the frame, going new roads, being open to change, creating new business connections and improving our present ones.

We have the willpower
Willpower means that Posta insists on being the best, and that we do not give up when we meet an obstacle. Posta will go on to achieve its goals and meet its main goal of servicing Faroese society by the transport of letters, parcels, money and other relevant services.

(source: Posta newsletter)


Pilot Rock said...

It is more easy to introduce Faroe Post to w/w after change its logo. Smart update anyway.

Bruce Carlson said...

Is there a source for poster size images of some of the Norse mythology stamps such as the Ran with net by Anker Eli Petersen? I can't seem to find contact info for him or a web page of his art for sale.
Thank you - Bruce