I don't, but I would like to...
... have one cover or postcard with post mark from each post office from Faroe Islands.
They are not so many, but without you will not be possible.
I'm waiting your feedback... and of course I will support the cost deliveries or I'll send you back some nice cover with stamps from Portugal.

Please e-mail me for details...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Covers of the Faroe Islands XXI

Maritime mail sent from Vestmanna to Kvívík in Faroe Islands.

Cover sent on 26 of May 1978 and arrived on 29 of May 1978..

Technical data: Birds from Mikines

Values: 140 and 2 x 400 øre

Date of issue: 13-IV-1978

Date of withdraw: 30-XI-1979

Author: H. Philipsen - T. Beyer

Perforation: 12×12½

Technique: Heliogravure

Printer: Thomas de la Rue & Co. Ltd., London

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Covers of the Faroe Islands XX

Maritime mail sent from Stavanger, Noeway to Bagsværd, Denmark. Special cancellation ‘PAQUEBOAT’ over m/F SMIRYL cover.

Cover sent on 3 of October 1980.

Technical data: Mikines Island
Values: 150 øre
Date of issue: 26-I-1978
Date of withdraw: 28-II-1983
Author: C. Gottsche
Perforation: 13¼×13¾
Technique: Heliogravure
Printer: Harrison & Sons Ltd