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Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Franking Labels 2010

Issue: Franking Labels 2010
Values: Four stamps of 6.00 DKK
Issue: 20-IX-2010
Author: Jóannes Lamhauge
Technique: Flexoprint

On 20th September 2010, four new Faroese franking labels will be issued. This is the third issue of Faroese franking labels.

The motifs on this year’s franking labels have been taken from the Faroese national sport, boat racing, and artist Jóannes Lamhauge drew them.

Jóannes Lamhauge’s intention with his drawings was to capture the soul of Faroese boat racing and he therefore chose the motifs that he felt best represented the spirit of the sport.

The first franking label depicts a training session in a rowing boat. We are inclined to forget how much intensive training is necessary to compete in the sport. There are often training sessions up to six times a week during the season – from February to the end of July – so this aspect should not be underrated.

And boat racing competitions must naturally also be included. All of the boats are lined up stem to stem and it’s almost possible to hear Faroese sports reporter Jógvan Arge commentating.
The third franking label provides an impression of the atmosphere in the boat. The expressions on the crew’s faces bear witness to the pain and the unrelenting will necessary to win. The white knuckles, the power, the sweat and all the drama. This motif is seen from the cox’s point of view as he sits in the stern exhorting the crew to row harder.

The winner boat must also be given a place. This franking label shows the crew, rapturous after coming in first, the result of and reward for all their rigorous training.

(Text extracted from the announcing bulletin)

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