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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Vinhetas de Natal / Christmas Seals 1998

As vinhetas do Natal de1998, desenhadas por Anker Eli Petersen e colocadas à venda em 2 de Novembro de 1998, apresentam motivos de Natal alusivos aos santos dos dias de Dezembro. Alguns destes são santos católicos, outros são santos homens nórdicos.

(English version)
The 1998 Christmas Seals, designed by Anker Eli Petersen and put up for sale on November 2, 1998, show us Christmas Motifs depicting saints connected with the individual days in December.. Some of these are Catholic saints and other Nordic holy men.

1st December Arnold
2nd December St. Bibiana
3rd December St. Sveinur
4th December St. Barbara
5th December St. Sabina
6th December St. Nicholas
7th December St. Agaton
8th December The Immaculate Conception
9th December Rólvur
10th December Judith
11th December Damasus
12th December Epimachos
13th December St. Lucia
14th December Crispus
15th December Nikatius
16th December St. Lazarus
17th December Albina
18th December Gatianus
19th December Nemesius
20th December Abraham -- patriarch
21st December St. Thomas
22nd December Japetus
23rd December St. Tollak
24th December Adam
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Stephen -- First Christian Martyr
27th December St. John the Evangelist
28th December Holy Innocents
29th December Noah
30th December David

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