I don't, but I would like to...
... have one cover or postcard with post mark from each post office from Faroe Islands.
They are not so many, but without you will not be possible.
I'm waiting your feedback... and of course I will support the cost deliveries or I'll send you back some nice cover with stamps from Portugal.

Please e-mail me for details...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Covers and Postcards from Faroe Islands I

Carta registada,enviada de Tórshavn, no dia 24.11.1977 e recepcionada em Apia, Samôa Ocidental em 02.12.1977.

Os três selos presentes na carta, são da emissão ‘Faroese birds’ emitida em 29.09.1977.

(english version)
Registered letter sent from Tórshavn, on 24.11.1977 and receipted in
Apia, Western Samoa on 02.12.1977. The three stamps in the letter are from the 'Faroese birds' issue of 29.09.1977.

70 oyru - Faroe snipe (
Gallinago gallinago faeroensis), known as Myrisnipa. Most of them stay for the whole year.
180 oyru - Oyster catcher (Haematopus ostralegus), known as Tjaldur, the National bird of the Faroe Islands. They leave in September to Britain and return on 12 March - a National holiday then.
250 oyru - Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus), known as Spogvi, which comes in the early summer and leaves the Faroes in August to Africa and Southern Asia.