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Friday, 31 October 2008

Canção Popular Ormurin Langi / Faroese Ballad Ormurin Langi

Emissão comemorativa dedicada à canção popular Ormurin Langi (A grande serpente), escrita pelo camponês Jens Christian Djurhuus cerca de 1830.
A folha miniatura com 10 selos de 550 oyru, foi emitida em 29.03.2006.

(english version)
Commemorative stamps dedicated to the faroese ballad
Ormurin Lange (The long serpent), written by peasant Jens Christian Djurhuus around 1830. The miniature sheet with 10 stamps of 550 oyru, was issued on 29.03.2006.

550 oyru - King Olaf Tryggvason inspects his new ship „Ormurin Langi“ being built on a level sand beach in Norway. It was the largest longship ever built in the country, its keel measuring more than 70 yards from bow to stern.
550 oyru – The king watches „The Long Serpent“ being launched
550 oyru – While the ship is riding at anchor and King Olaf is sitting in his high seat on the beach, a young man appears from the mountains with a strong bow in his hands, telling the king that the mighty Earl of Ringerike has sent him. He introduces himself as Einar Tambarskjelve (Einar the Bow Shaker – so named because he could bend his powerful bow Tambar so strongly that it vibrated vehemently after every shot). The king invites him to become his archer and to join him on his forthcoming expedition to the Baltic Sea, to which Einar agrees.
550 oyru – Olaf’s fleet of longships, their „silky sails“ set, takes to the sea, with Olaf himself at the helm of „The Long Serpent“.
550 oyru – When Olaf’s fleet on its way home from the Baltic sails through Øresund, it is spotted by Earl Erik as well as by the kings of Denmark and Sweden who have been waiting there for Olaf, having joined forces to defeat him. They all admire the splendour of Olaf’s ship, and each of them declares he will take it in the forthcoming battle, but Erik maintains he alone can achieve that, and he summons his men to get ready for the fight.
550 oyru – Ulfur („Wolf“) the Red stands in the bow of the „Long Serpent“, directing the ship towards a favourable position while Olaf is giving instructions to his crew.
550 oyru – Olaf, standing on the „Long Serpent‘s“ poop deck, asks: „Whose are all those powerful ships coming up on our port side?“ His brother-in-law Herning informs him that they belong to Earl Erik „who is superior to all.“
550 oyru – After the Swedish king has failed to take the „Long Serpent“, Denmark’s king tries his luck but sees his force decimated in a fierce battle by Olaf’s men. Smoke rises from the scene and the sea is red with blood when the Danes are finally put to flight.
550 oyru – Erik, accompanied by his men, boards the „Long Serpent“, sword in hand, and Herning rushes down from the poop deck to meet him in battle.
550 oyru – King Olaf, seeing most of his men slain and realising that the battle is lost, tells the survivors to fling themselves overboard because „there will be no good ending“. The king himself leaps into the sea, followed by his men, The king’s brother Torkil was the last to jump. „They did as their king had told them.“

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