I don't, but I would like to...
... have one cover or postcard with post mark from each post office from Faroe Islands.
They are not so many, but without you will not be possible.
I'm waiting your feedback... and of course I will support the cost deliveries or I'll send you back some nice cover with stamps from Portugal.

Please e-mail me for details...

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Poemas por Janus Djurhuus / Poems by Janus Djurhuus

Folha miniatura dedicada aos poemas de Janus Djurhuus. Esta emissão, foi considerada pelos filatelistas das Ilhas Faroe, como a mais bonita de 2004. Na china foi votada como a mais bela emissão filatélica estrangeira.
A folha miniatura com 10 selos de 500 oyru foi emitida em 20.09.2004.

(english version)
Miniature sheet devoted to poems of Janus Djurhuus. This issue was considered by philatelists of the Faroe Islands, as the most beautiful of 2004. In China it was voted as the most beautiful foreign philatelic issue. The miniature sheet with 10 stamps of 500 oyru was issued on 20.09.2004.

500 oyru - Atlantis.
500 oyru -
Grímur Kamban.
500 oyru -
Trónds chanting.
500 oyru - To the Faroes I-III.
500 oyru - Mín sorg.
500 oyru - Loki Laufey's son.
500 oyru - Songbird and Gossip.
500 oyru - The return of
Nólsoyar Páll.
500 oyru -
Moses on Sinai mountain.
500 oyru - Cello.

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