I don't, but I would like to...
... have one cover or postcard with post mark from each post office from Faroe Islands.
They are not so many, but without you will not be possible.
I'm waiting your feedback... and of course I will support the cost deliveries or I'll send you back some nice cover with stamps from Portugal.

Please e-mail me for details...

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Igreja de Tórshavn / Tórshavn Church

Relacionado com os 200 anos da Catedral de Tóshavn foram emitidos em 06.02.1989 uma série de três selos das seguintes taxas:

350 oyru - A igreja na baixa de Tórshavn
500 oyru – A peça de altar
1500 oyru – O sino do navio "Norske Löwe”

(english version)
In connection with the 200 years of the Cathedral of Tóshavn were issued on 06.02.1989 a set of three stamps of the following values~:

350 oyru - The church in downtown Tórshavn
500 oyru - A piece of altar
1500 oyru - The bell of the ship "Norske Lowe"

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